Instagram Live Read-In

Can’t make it to an IRL read-in? Come to our URL read-in!

We will be live on Instagram on Saturday, July 27th at 11:30 AM PST for an hour-long live read-in! For those who can’t make it to an actual read-in but want to get the badge, this counts as a read-in!

In case you’re not sure what this is all about, let me tell you! We will gather on Instagram for a liveshow, and talk to you guys/ask questions, but also READ! We will have a handful of little reading sprints, all while chatting with you guys. So bring your book, bring your snacks, and get ready to rumble!


30 thoughts on “Instagram Live Read-In

  1. Yay! As soon as I stopped checking for new read-ins every day one popped up in the closest large town and I didn’t see it until today (the day of). Glad there’s still a chance for me to get this badge!

  2. Cool !!! when I saw there was no read in in my area and no time to organise it and then missed a read in of booksandchloe and littlebookowl on insta I wanted to facetime with my bestfriend and maybe that would count too ?
    I will still do it tho because love to read with her like that but I want also participate in the official read in !

  3. Thats 20:30 in Germany right? I have to work tomorrow, but I hope I will be home by then πŸ™‚

    Funny to see what time it is in all the different countries. Love to connect with so many people all around the world <3

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