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    Hi everyone! I’m curious to know if anyone else listens to music while they read or they prefer to read in complete silence? I usually read with classical music from youtube, but there are times where I like listening to other music genres too depending on the story. For example, when reading The Hate U Give I had Tupac playing softly in the background since he’s lyrics was referenced a lot in the story. I never grew up listening to Tupac or knew much about him but I thought it would be a good way to experience his music/poetry myself instead of just reading about him.

    If you do like to read with music playing in the background what kind of music do you have playing? Do you have a certain reading playlist that you always go to?

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    I love listening to the music that Edward plays for Bella in Twilight:
    The music that Celaena plays in Throne of Glass, recreated by Inquillery:
    And this fantasy music I found that I listen to while reading about supernatural characters, especially Fae:
    I don’t listen to songs with lyrics because I find myself singing along instead of reading.

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      Oh my gosh, I forgot about Bella and Edward’s song. But honestly, it’s so good! I remember a lot of people playing it in the 7th-grade talent show at school when the films were popular.

      Awesome playlists you got there! I’m a big fan of any fantasy music so I’m definitely going to add/like the video so I can find it for the next time I binge read. Fantasy music is seriously my butter to my toast 😂

      I usually stay away from music with lyrics when I read too, but sometimes I have the volume down low enough where I can focus on just reading. However, if Ed Sheeran comes on there’s a 9/10 chance I will probably stop reading and sing along with him.

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    I always listen to music while I read, it can go from nice instrumental music to freaking metal, but it doesn’t affect my ability to concentrate. I’m glad you made this forum, because with my last 2 reads (books 1 and 2 of Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy) I decided to make a playlist with songs I found that related to the book in my opinion.

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      Okay, that’s awesome that you can listen to metal and read. xD And aw thank you! Also, I love how you took the time to put together a playlist for Daughter of Smoke and Bones. I’m curious to know what songs you pick for the playlist(s)? I haven’t read Daughter of Smoke and Bones yet but it’s on my TBR list later this year.

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      Daughter of Smoke and Bone playlist
      That’s the link to the playlist if you want to check it out! I still have a lot of songs to add, but I just felt like those encompassed either the feel of the book or what was happening in the story. I don’t think the songs are spoiler-y at all if you are worried about it, honestly they are just songs I have been listening to lately and they happened to be fitting in my opinion.

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    I pretty much always listen to instrumental Disney music when I read. It’s especially great to listen to when reading a fantasy cause the music always fits so perfectly.

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      That and anime instrumentals are great, they really do fit that fantasy feel. In my case, I just put my playlist in random and whatever comes up I listen 😂😂

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    I normaly choose a video from this channel depending on what I’m reading.

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    I always listen to music when I read! It’s like a can’t focus otherwise. 😂 I like to listen to folk/indie mostly. Other times it’s just my general playlist on Spotify that’s literally a bit of everything. Or I’ll go to 8 Tracks and listen to fan made playlists about the book/characters I’m reading about!

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    I don’t listen to music while I read super often, but when I do, it’s movie soundtracks. I just put on an hour long compilation from YouTube and it helps me into the story.

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    Hmm, I have my trusty Spotify playlist that I listen to during reading or writing sessions.

    I especially like game soundtracks like from Alice: Madness Returns, Skyrim or NieR: Automata.

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    I personally can’t listen to music with lyrics while I’m reading because I get too distracted. I usually listen to music from the Homestuck soundtracks:

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    I like to listen to natural rain noises while I read! It’s super relaxing, and for some reason I can’t focus if I listen to music while reading. There are a lot of rain/nature noise playlists on Spotify.

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    Sometimes I like to listen to instrumental music or nature sounds when I read.

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    I have to listen to music while doing everything (except watching tv). I can only listen to songs I know the lyrics to otherwise it’s too distracting.

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    I don’t really listen to music when I read but I like listening to ASMR ambience videos like the ones the ASMR rooms channel makes!

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    I’ll either listen to music compilations on Youtube (video game/movie soundtracks) or to “regular” music, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m able to concentrate while listening to music with lyrics, sometimes not. A great choice all around is Sleeping At Last as they have beautiful melodies and very little to no lyrics.

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    I love to listen to music when I’m reading, I think it can enhance the experience and give a new dimension to a book but the music has to be chosen carefully. I personally tend to make my own playlists on Spotify and sometimes listen to others but, I tend to like my music associations more, to be honest! I listen to classical sometimes and ambience music, it really depends on the book. Sometimes it’ll be alt-metal, pop, hip-hop, classic, or jazz… It could really be anything.

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