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    Suggestions for books that are quick to read (and if they fall under a category for one of the challenges even better)

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    graphic novels are usually fast to read, also collection of short stories.

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    Midnight sun was a fast read for me you could use it for the book to movie

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    I just changed one of my books to “Everyone’s A Alien When Ur A Alien Too” by Jomny Sun; a graphic novel about an alien that comes to Earth. It is a debut novel by this author, it is a non human main character, and the title has 5 or more words.

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      Hmm. I just saw his Ted talk too, seems like a good choice

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    Things We Didn’t See Coming by Steven Amsterdam is just under 200 pages and fits the five-word title challenge, it’s a debut novel, and you could read it in the same spot!

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    William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Mean Girls by Ian Doescher
    -Purple on the cover
    -Short enough to easily read in one spot
    -5+ words in the title

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    Any of the Wayward Children books by Seanan McGuire. They add all under 200 pages, and there titles are all 5+ works and I think one of them has a purple cover also you can easily read them in one spot.

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    The Smell of Other People’s Houses <33 fits the purple challenge too 🙂

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    Narnia is very quick to read, and three of the books have adaptation, two of them have 5 word titles, and they have non human characters.

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      That definitely helps the 5 word title challenge! Though, I have read them multiple times 🙁

      More options for quick reads:
      – Poetry (?allowed?)
      – Fairy tale retellings
      – Romantic comedies (the hating game, the Rosie Project, to all the boys I’ve loved)

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    Emma Mills’ books are pretty quick reads! They’re YA contemporary/rom coms and you can definitely check off the debut and purple challenges with them.

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    Try poetry books

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    I’m doing Animal Farm by George Orwell… I’m going to listen to the audiobook (It’s on Youtube! 😛 ) It will fulfill two challenges out of 7… Reading a book in the same spot the entire time and a book with a non-human main character! 😀

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    I’ll be reading at least two Arthurian legends/romances (“Tristan and Isolt” for the book to movie adaptation, “The Death of King Arthur” for 5+ words in a title), and a graphic novel (“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” for one sitting) to try and still read 7 books. My TBR is no where near final so I’ll be adding more short books since I work somewhere between 50 and 70 hours a week in the summer.

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    Some middle grade books are a great add to a readathon, for example, Matilda or The bad beginning are great ones! If those are not your jam, I’d add a good Agatha Christie novel, those always work for me ^^ The cycle of the wolf is another great choice 🙂

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    A few that came to mind for me:
    The Binti series
    The Poet X
    The Illuminae Series (even though they look huge)
    Animal Farm
    Most Banana Yoshimoto books

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      I have Illuminae on my TBR shelf and was thinking about putting it in my TBR for the readathon. I might do it now (IDK yet because I’m a mood reader :P). Thanks for the tip <3

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