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    Are we counting witches or not? haha

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    To me, witches would count at the non-human character. Just because they have a humanoid figure doesn’t necessarily mean they’re human. Hope this helped! 🙂

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    That’s good enough for me! Thank you!

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    Yeah I would count them too 🙂

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    For me personally, witches don’t count. Witches are still mostly human even if a book were to give them special abilities to morph themselves. I wouldn’t even count wizards either because they’re just the male version of witches. I think the only way I would be okay with it is if the book clearly states that they’re also something else. If that makes sense. But that’s just my two cents and take it as a grain of salt.

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    Does a god that has been temporarily turned mortal count because technically he is a god (which is not human)?

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    I am having such trouble with this challenge! I chose The Hobbit for this challenge, but if witches count then I can maybe knock out two challenges. So what’s the consensus on witches?

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    Well, my primary feeling is if it feels like it fits to you, that’s good enough. If you’re still having trouble, maybe look at the plot summary and see if there’s an indication of how the characters fit into the story. If being a witch sets them apart from the human characters in some way, that might help. For example, I ended up choosing “Beautiful Creatures” for this because one of the main characters is a “caster” (essentially a witch from what I can tell), and in the story, there seems to be a strong emphasis on separating the caster characters from the normal people in the town. Hope that helps!

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    I’m using city of ghosts as my non human because technically Jacob isn’t human right.. he’s a ghost

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    I chose skullduggery pleasant #2 for this challenge as the main character is a skeleton. I’m just hoping it does count 😅

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    Probably! I’m reading Carry On, since one of the characters is a vampire

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    Anything that used to be a human but is no longer a human counts! Sitting next to Ariel and Raeleen and they have decided :).

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