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    Hey guys, as someone who enjoys statistics I’m super interested to know if and how you keep track of your reading. Do you use Goodreads? A spreadsheet? Or a (bullet) journal? Or do you simply read without keeping track (which might be better for my sanity, who knows 😀 )

    I used to only use Goodreads but I felt it just wasn’t as flexible as I wanted it to be. Now I additionally use a spreadsheet (the original can be found here Reading Spreadsheet , it was made by Portal in the Pages). I changed it up according to my needs and now I can track genre, age group, author nationality, pages read in a month and so much more. As someone who tries to read as broadly as possibly, it’s super important for me to know stats about my reading that add to what Goodreads can do.

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    I absolutely love keeping track of what I’m reading, too! If you’ve never heard of the app Bookly, I recommend checking it out if you like reading stats. It keeps track of your reading speed, you can set reading time goals for the month, and things like that, and it will give you graphs to show you how much you read from day to day. I use it all the time! I also have a journal to catalog the books that I read so that I can have a physical log. And I use Goodreads, too. So I think I overdo it lol

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    I’ve used Goodreads for several years. Every book read is logged there. I also have started to do a different system and back-up on Google Sheets.

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    I love an app called readerzone! My local library recommend it.

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    I love looking at my reading stats through goodreads but I also have an app called Leio that has been tracking everything for me for the past couple of years. It shows what, how much, and when you read each day, week, month, and year. It has amazing little graphs and charts and it’s probably one of my most-used apps. I really enjoy it.

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    I am apparently obsessed with keeping track of my reading…

    I have a goodreads page, where I keep track of dates read/5-star rating/sometimes a short review if a book is particularly good or bad. I also just this week DNF’d my first book, so I made a shelf for that! I then have a listography page, where I keep a list of all the books I read split up by month and then calculate monthly average ratings. I ALSO have a spreadsheet which is a little more in-depth: author surname, title, pub. date, my rating vs average Goodreads rating, number of pages, genre and whether it’s adult or YA, author’s race and if it contains LGBT+ characters. I’m planning to make this spreadsheet into a series of graphs at the end of the year, to see what I enjoyed, what patterns emerge, and what I need to read more of to read more diversely, which is something important to me!

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    Nowadays I just use goodreads but last year I used a spreadsheet and the app called Bookly. It’s really nice seeing all those stats, but in the end it kinda stressed me out and reading felt like a chore so I stopped doing it.

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    I only have goodreads, but am open to using other things to track my reading, too! 😀

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    i use goodreads and my notebook

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    I use Goodreads as well as at the beginning of the year I decided I wanted a more in-depth spreadsheet so I keep track of title, author gender, genre, month, format (whether I bought it, borrowed from the library or was given by family/friends!) and the author’s nationality. I made a copy if anyone’s interested! I’m such a stereotypical Virgo lol

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    That spreadsheet is gorgeous! I may have to download that too…

    I typically use Goodreads but I also have (TWO, groan) spreadsheets to track a) overall books read with breakdown of gender and ethnicity as I am trying to read more PoC and b) a spreadsheet to track the various challenges I’m participating in and which books fit them.

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    I use goodreads, a discbound journal and spiral notebook for series

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    I use Goodreads. I also use bullet journal to track my monthly reading or how far I’ve read a book since I kinda multi-reader (so I won’t forget on what chapter I read last). I’ve made a short video too if you want to see xD

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    Goodreads. I do keep track on readathons in my bullet journal though.

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    I use Goodreads, Portal in the Pages spreadsheet and a secondary spreadsheet just for that month to note my tbr, pages per book, pages read per day and to track any readathons I’m participating in (its very basic and hodgepodge).

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