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    I have a super important question, one that I thought I would never have to ask on here, but here I am seeking a second opinion because I can’t trust my own judgement. I just recently decided to DNF the second book I was reading for the ‘5 words or more’ challenge. It was only a two-hundred paged book and I made it to page 159 before the context of this book destroyed my mental health and caused me to get extremely sick. As much as I want to count this book towards this challenge, I don’t want to count it without hearing other opinions. So friends, my question is this… If you end up DNFing a book to protect your mental health, should the book still count for the challenge or should it not because the book wasn’t completely finished?

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    I say it counts! Especially since you made it over 75% of the way through! Now if you were only a chapter or so in then maybe not, but you can always try the challenge again with a different book if you’re not convinced. I hope you feel better!

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    With reading 3/4 of the book, I’d probably count it. I just DNF’d a book that I won’t be counting, but I literally only read like 10 pages. I couldn’t deal with the writing style, and so I didn’t read any more than that, and I thought this same question…but I didn’t read it. You read most of yours…I’d probably count it in that situation!

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    I say your circumstances allow for it to count!

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