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    Have any of you added bonus books to your TBR for when you’ve completed the 7 book challenge? If so I’d love to know what you are all reading and how you’ve gotten on with the challenge. I’m currently finishing off book 6.

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    I’ve completed my 7 book challenge, and now I’m reading Full Disclosure (an ARC) and Tokyo Mew Mew, Vol 1.

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    I’ve completed my seven book challenge and no I’m just decompressing and reading Wilder Girls. Hoping to have that finished before the month is up. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get back into the audiobook for Black Iris.

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      Please let me know how Wilder Girls is. I was considering getting it. I hope you enjoy it 😊

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    I’ve completed the seven books yesterday and now I’m just listening to “Mistborn” and meandering through my post-rush tbr

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    I chose 3 books to read as a bonus and a graphic novel too

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    Still got one more book to read but it’s less than 200 pages so I should finish it in a couple of hours – hoping to read Exit West if I manage it!

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    finished my 7th book yesterday and finished book 8 today which was The Waking Forest by Alyssa Wees

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    Almost done with my 7th book for the challenge so I am also planning to finish Becoming by Michelle Obama (started this before the readathon) and start China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan.

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    Can’t quite believe I just hit book number 7 done. I’m looking around slightly bewildered, feels like we just finished a marathon, where’s our medals hehee. That being said, Red, White and Royal Blue just came today, I kinda wanna dive right in. Book number 8 here we come.

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    I still have to watch the movie adaptation part of the challenge (though I think I might read for a bit more before I do that), but other than that I’m done 7 books!

    My plans are to pick one or two of the 4 more books I’d like to finish by the end of July for the another readathon.
    (Funnily enough though, they do each double a reading rush challenge)

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    I’ve completed my 7th book and I’m gonna try to finish my 8th The Cinderella Murder for book with 2 authors.

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    I’m currently on my 11th and 12th book. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the goblet of book but as it is over 600 pages I sectioned it to read it in 3 parts. I’m on my last section of that and reading all the lonely people. Hoping to finish both today. And maybe even get another book read before the readathon is over

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    I’ll be reading my 11th book and finishing my 9th book today and I was able to earn 14 badges so I very happy about that!

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    finished my 9th and final book of the Reading Rush Wildcard by Marie Lu

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    My 8th book was crooked Kingdom because it is my 3 favorite book of all time and needed a reread

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