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    Anyone interested in doing an Arizona read in? Somewhere in the Maricopa County area maybe?

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    I’m in AZ and would love to meet up. I live in Payson but would drive to the valley 🙂

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    I’m in the Gilbert area and would love to have a read in! What kind of venue (bookstore, park, etc.) are we thinking about invading?

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    I’m in Gilbert too! Are you guys more down to invade somewhere with coffee/food or somewhere different? I am literally the most indecisive person in the world because I just want to please everyone!

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    My only opinion about our setting is it must have food/beverages, and must have a place I can sit because I’m not a standing reader XD

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    Does Changinghands bookstores have coffee? Or what other small bookstores are there?

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    There are locations in Tempe and Phoenix

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    Changing Hands has a bar, not really coffee, but I’ve heard it’s an amazing bookstore so maybe I’ll just have to bring my own snacks 😉

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    I’m down to go to Changing Hands if you guys are! Phoenix or Tempe? Also, are we thinking weekday or weekend? I work on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

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    I work Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, outside of those days I’m open!

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    and I would prefer tempe because it’s closer and that’s the location I’ve heard a lot about 🙂

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    Okay. How does Friday the 26th at 2pm sound? Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe.

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    I would love to meet up anytime, but I think the actual read in time is Thursday July 25th at 6pm

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    Whoops, I read right over that haha. Thursday the 25th at 6 sounds good to me.

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    How do we set it up? Do we call? Who should call, so we arent all bombarding them?

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