Bullet Journal Spreads

PEOPLE ARE SO CREATIVE! We loved these bullet journal spreads, so we thought we’d share a few! These first two pictures are by Cerys on Twitter.

This simple TBR with a recreation of our logo is awesome! Thanks Rebecca!

Yrene did this beautiful neutral-toned spread, and yowza! She’s reading up a storm!

Love this graph and tiny book covers! Thanks Cat!

We LOVE your interpretations of the badges, Sarah!

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping us updated with their reading! We love seeing this stuff. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. These are so wonderful! I love combining my love of books with my love of pen/paper, and seeing others combining the two as well <3 Kudos to everyone who made awesome trackers, whether on paper or electronically!! You rock!

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